31 Dec

2014 Reflection

Its December 31st 2014, I sit here with my computer, reflecting on what I would consider my most amazing year to date. So much has happened this year, If I was to write it all I would need to turn it into a book. So I thought I would share a few highlights from this year.

January my wife and I moved to Melbourne Victoria in Australia, to begin a year of discipleship at Southern Lights in Skye Victoria. Southern Lights is an unusual church, who have developed a God given discipleship program that has seen hundreds of people’s lives transformed by the Power of God. Katrina and I felt the call from God to come down and spend a year training and being discipled and what a year it has been.

We have been married for almost nine years now and this year we would both agree, has been our fullest year in our marriage. We have learned so much in what it means to be husband and wife and what it means to walk as one.

This year I have discovered more about who I am and highlighted the areas in my life that needed serious attention. In my discovery of who I am I discovered who I was. Tim Patterson was a boy, a boy in every area of life. Tim Patterson didn’t take responsibility, Tim Patterson didn’t honour or respect his wife, ┬áTim Patterson didn’t plan for the future, Tim Patterson didn’t like who he was. Throughout the year, the core, the very inner me has been challenged, the lies I believed have been smashed and I have discovered who I really am. I have learned what it means to be a man and not a boy, to be responsible, to plan for the future, to honour and respect my wife and myself.

This attitude shift, this lifestyle shift, this discovery has seen fruit in many areas. My wife is currently pregnant and overdue by almost a week, we are expecting our first child. We have a clear plan and outline for the future, including investments and goals. We are walking together as one and learning how to win each others hearts more and more every day.

Throughout the many challenges this year, it has been a year of the flesh dying in my life and learning what it means to form Christ in every area of my life. The only way to produce life in us is for the flesh to die.

2015 holds an amazing new opportunity for me. Will I choose to hit 2015 with everything I have and let more of my flesh die? Will I allow 2015 to be my greatest year yet? Will I allow character to be formed in me like never before? My answer to these questions is yes yes yes!

2014 has been an amazing year and I am excited for everything 2015 holds. God has said 2015 would be my hardest year ever but my most rewarding. I am ready to run and go deeper, further and more intense and intimate than ever before.